Import Products from USA in Pakistan

import amazon best quality branded products at your door step within 3-4 weeks.

Are you looking to import top-tier products from around the world? But, you're uncertain about the logistics of shipping them to your doorstep? Perhaps, it's time for you to contemplate online purchases from well-recognized platforms like Amazon or eBay, but you're still concerned about the payment security and potential mishandling of the funds. If you find yourself grappling with these worries, we offer the perfect solution. Entrust us with your online shopping needs from the world's foremost websites, and allow us to provide you with our expedited services which ensure delivery within three to four weeks.

Here are some of the FAQ's about online purchasing of the Amazon products. Quick research and basics will lead you to make the right decisions for online products, purchases, secure payments, etc.

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1. Does Amazon offer shipping to Pakistan?
Unfortunately, the answer is 'NO', Amazon doesn't currently ship directly to Pakistan. Only a limited selection, approximately 4% of their products, are available for delivery to Pakistan. There's not even an option for direct delivery from Amazon to Pakistan, but you can have a variety of Amazon products through our online store.

2. How soon can you expect Amazon’s arrival in Pakistan?
It’s not gonna happen in the near future. But, fret not as you can always shop online from our website, and also, there are plenty of online shopping websites where you can find plenty of Amazon products.

3. How can you buy online Amazon products in Pakistan through Aeshopping.pk?
Amazon only ships 4% of its inventory to Pakistan and the rest is shipped within America and to some other countries. That's why It is hard to find your favorite Amazon products elsewhere on the internet. We have a company set up in the USA. You can check our website and place your orders and then through our reliable, protected, and fast system, we can get those amazing and desired Amazon products to your doorsteps.

4. Is it safe to shop online for Amazon products in Pakistan?
Definitely, Yes! Every overseas order must go through a normal process where customs and duty are paid for. It includes foreign authorities, and the process is a little complicated. With its original invoice and packaging, Aeshopping.pk guarantees its valued customers a wonderful shopping experience. We guarantee prompt and secure delivery of your package.

5. Can you find Amazon products in a variety on Aeshopping.pk website?
Yes, constantly! Aeshopping.pk is committed to giving customers the best possible experience, and you may quickly get Amazon products from us. Not only that, but our online store offers a wide range of categories like groceries, home & kitchen, electronics, luggage and travel gear, luxury beauty, apps and games, fashion, appliances, and much more.

6. Why choose Amazon products while shopping online in Pakistan?
As everyone knows, Amazon offers the greatest products on the planet, and its years of expertise as a worldwide e-commerce leader have earned it a great deal of recognition and confidence from customers throughout the world. Because of this, Pakistanis can have faith in the legitimate website Aeshopping.pk, which delivers on its claims of providing a simple payment option and the best Amazon products delivered straight to your home.

7. How can you import from Amazon?
With a few clicks, you can get what you want from Amazon through us. You have to simply browse from the categories. Select the product(s) of your choice and add that to the cart. A custom order can be made by filling out the form with details such as desired product details, your name, complete address, and contact details along with the URL of the product (MOST IMPORTANTLY) as It will be helpful for us to track your desired product quickly. Once you have completed the details, you will get shipment details and the total purchase amount In Pakistani currency (PKR). Please note that we do not import huge items such as televisions, weapons, heavy industrial items, machinery, seeds, mobile phones, batteries, etc due to extra weight and freight charges and restrictions. At the end of the order placement procedure, you’ll be asked to select from the payment methods and then we’ll process your order straight away.

8. How long does it take for anything to arrive from Amazon?
It usually takes around three to four weeks. The product is shipped from Amazon to the US and then it is further shipped to Pakistan (our head office) and then to your home. Our fast track and step-by-step procedure enables quick delivery. If you desire to get the product within one to two weeks then it will cost some extra money to pay for customs\duty.

9. How much are the shipping charges?
We provide minimum shipping rates for our valuable customers which is the best part of our services. Our standard shipping rates range from $10 to $15 per LB which is almost a quarter you’d pay for direct online orders from the US. We charge for five components of an order: international customs duty, taxes, and tariffs in Pakistan; the real cost of the product under the order; regular shipping costs in the US; shipping costs in Pakistan; and at last, Aeshopping.pk service charges.

10. How much do Amazon products cost in Pakistan?
Price considerations are limited to the moment the order is placed. The company will not hold prices in any scenario, whether they increase or decrease; pricing will be finalized at the time of order. We buy your order the same day you place it on our website, which explains why. The open market rate of +1 PKR per dollar on Forex.pk is also utilized. Thus, for your convenience, you may also inform us about your product and convert the currency using reliable sources.

11. Can you get Amazon Prime products on Aeshopping.pk?
Products in every price range, category, and purpose are available on Amazon Prime. It is the biggest online store with the widest selection of goods. Products that are not normally available in Pakistan are offered by Aeshopping.pk. We import premium products into Pakistan for the benefit of our valuable customers, and the top manufacturers in the world are featured in Amazon Prime Product listings.

12. Is the connection between Aeshopping.pk and Amazon authentic?
Aeshopping.pk aims to create the most reliable link with Amazon when it comes to online shopping for imported goods. Our staff is putting a lot of effort into streamlining the procedure for you so that you can easily get the greatest Amazon products in Pakistan. The partnership between Amazon and Aeshopping.pk is made possible by the office setup of the company in the US which is linked specifically to offer a selection of products in Pakistan so you can experience Amazon online shopping in Pakistan. When you visit the online store, you will see that all of the products are imported into Pakistan based on orders placed by customers and are 100% Amazon products.

13. What is the return policy for purchases on Amazon?
Since there isn't a direct Amazon delivery policy in Pakistan, the return policy doesn't apply to every package. Customers can return products to us if the product is delivered incorrectly or if there is any other issue with the company's performance. Since original imported products are shipped directly to you, the company will replace the product at no additional cost if your package is lost or damaged. However, if a manufacturing defect occurs—for example, a locked phone or a 110v battery—the business disclaims any liability. This is so that Aeshopping.pk is exempt from liability as these errors are the product of the company. We promise not to charge you any additional fees.

14. Is it possible to pay cash on delivery for Amazon products?
Yes, we offer Amazon products that are easily paid with cash on delivery (COD); we take care of practically all of your shopping-related issues.

15. How can you make an order on Amazon?
We would place the order on your behalf, so you don't need to do it on Amazon. Instead, go to our online store, locate the Amazon goods you want to buy, and either place an order there or use our custom order feature. Simply provide us the URL to the product you want to buy, and we'll make it happen.

16. How does Amazon ship packages to Pakistan?
The shipping process is extremely simple: just visit our website, put the product or products you want in the cart, fill out the information requested, and place your order. Conversely, you may also visit one of the following websites to review the product and email us the URL at sales@aeshopping.pk.

17. Are there any other reputable stores besides Amazon?
We provide online purchasing from international websites such as eBay and Amazon in Pakistan. For those who are unfamiliar with shipping from overseas, it is a fantastic experience. We are transparent in all of our transactions and give you all the information you need. You are welcome to ask any questions you may have and request a special opportunity to buy virtually. It's advised that you select from: Amazon.com Newegg.com eBay.com Bhphotovideo.com DX.com

18. How can goods be imported into Pakistan from Dubai?
Aeshopping.pk has created a portal for customers to purchase goods from well-known UAE online retailers. We offer a simple way to import any kind of product from Doduae.com, Namshi.com, Amazon.ae, noon.com, and many other websites. It takes three to four weeks to ship goods from Dubai to Pakistan. Just send us the product link if you're interested in anything from the UAE. At your desire, we will purchase it there and import it into Pakistan on your behalf.

19. Is it possible to import large machinery from China to Pakistan?
Indeed, any heavy machinery, equipment, and electrical gadgets can be imported from China. These heavy-weight items are shipped by sea, and the delivery time is around 40 days.